Why your website needs a SSL Certificate

Why your website needs a SSL Certificate

Clients sometimes ask us about SSL and why they need it on their websites.  Some already know that it stands for “secure socket layer” and that it is a security protocol that keeps private data away from the prying eyes of anonymous malcontents through encryption.  Others only know that it’s important because their designated nerd told them about encryption and to be more serious about security.  Still others know that SSL is not yet a requirement and choose to avoid the expense.

All things considers, there are 3 primary reasons that you should get an SSL certificated for your website as soon as possible.

Privacy Builds Trust

If you already run an eCommerce website, you’re probably well-versed in security and know that the minute the little browser lock goes from locked to unlocked, you lose sales.  And rightly so.  Your customers are becoming more savvy about Internet security and if their browser doesn’t throw up a huge warning notice about the lack of security on your website, they’re likely to already be aware of warning signs and move on to a safer shopping environment.

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But why would a regular website need to worry about visitor security? Well, you probably have some sort of contact form on your website… right? How about that user name and password you enter to login to your website? Each time data passes to or from your website, it likely gets transmitted down thousands of miles of cable. At any point on its journey, it could be seen and stored by any computer in its path because, without SSL that data travels in plain text that anyone with the right equipment and skills can read.

Enjoy an SEO Benefit

Google called for “HTTPS Everywhere” at its I/O Conference back in 2014. Since then, they’re calling SSL a “requirement” and an “imperative.” The direction Google is heading is clear… get your site secure, for everyone’s sake, or get left in the dust by the competition that has been paying attention. Since 2014, some of its search algorithm updates have included slight benefits for websites operating under SSL.

The latest push for SSL by Google, which rolled out in January 2017, is much more aggressive, but we’ll cover that next.

Avoid Being Tagged As “Not Secure” By Google

Google is making some major changes in the way it displays websites that don’t run under full-time SSL.  As of January 2017, the Google Chrome browser (version 56 to be exact) began adding a “Not Secure” label on pages that have a password input or credit card inputs.  But even older versions of Chrome show an information bubble next to non-SSL URLs that, when clicked, reads “Your connection to this site is not secure… you should not enter any sensitive information on this site because it could be stolen by attackers.”  That’ s more than enough reason to go secure.

This label appears to the left of the URL in the browser’s location bar.  They have been moving towards a more secure web since September 8, 2016 but the wait is over and the penalty phase has begun. Get an SSL certificate before you lose consumer confidence and potential sales.

So to summaries why you need an SSL certificate.

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  • Privacy Builds trust. – Required for e-commerce stores.
  • Enjoy the SEO benefit – Secure sites for now at-least will rank higher than insecure sites.
  • Avoid Being tagged as “Not Secure” – Google has taken an aggressive stance on SSL and will Tag site as insecure and secure as of January 2017.


All Our shared hosting packages comes with a free SSL Certificate. If you are interested in Premium SSL certificates view the Route404 SSL Offering at the link Below.


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