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[inwave_info_item title=”Activation in Minutes” icon=”fa fa-clock-o”]Our services are robust and can be activated in minutes. we make getting started as easy as possible. Get a simple website setup in a fraction of the time. No Coding skills required.[/inwave_info_item]
[inwave_info_item title=”SSL Certificates” icon=”fa fa-mobile”]All our shared servers come with a free SSL certificate. We believe in a secure internet experience for all. We also provide Premium SSL for enterprises starting from R99.99. Read more here. [/inwave_info_item]
[inwave_info_item title=”24/5 support” icon=”fa fa-phone-square”]Our clients have access to 24/5 premium support.[/inwave_info_item]
[inwave_cta button_text=”SEE PLANS” button_link=”#price-plans” style=”style4″ button_style=”button3″ overlay=”1″ link=”#”]Whether you need a shared  server for a prototype/ MVP Website or a fully developed web app, we’re sure you have a package for your business. Feel free to try out one of our shared offerings for free for the first 3 Months.[/inwave_cta]
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[inwave_heading title=”{Save Money with a Data Contract}” sub_title=”{MOBILE DATA ONLY CONTRACTS}” style=”style3″]Why spend money on topup when you can buy a Mobile data Contract. Our Month to Month Contract are flexible, you have the option to upgrade or downgrade at anytime. You can Monitor your usage and your teams usage in our intuitive dashboard. And Unused data carries over for 3 Months.[/inwave_heading][inwave_info_item title=”Monitor usage and save.” icon=”fa fa-compress” icon_size=”24″ style=”style3″]We make it easy for you to track your company mobile data usage by providing a dashboard where all usage is tracked. Each number is itemized, usage is updated hourly. Find out more about our offerings. See more[/inwave_info_item]
[inwave_info_item title=”Great Top Up Prices” icon=”fa fa-money” icon_size=”24″ style=”style3″]Our top-up prices is the best in the market. And all unused data carries over for 3Months. See more[/inwave_info_item]
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[inwave_price_box title=”Alpha plan” icon_size=”13px” style=”style3″ description=”The ultimate shared solutions!” price=”R15/month” purchase_text=”Select Plan” purchase_link=””]

  • 05 Email Account
  • Website Builder
  • 1 Sub domain
  • 250MB Storage


[inwave_price_box title=”Beta Plan” icon_size=”13px” featured=”1″ style=”style3″ description=”The ultimate shared solutions!” price=”R30/ month ” purchase_text=”Select Plan” purchase_link=””]

  • 10 Email Account
  • Web Builder
  • 2 Sub domains
  • 1GB Storage


[inwave_price_box title=”MVP Plan” icon_size=”13px” style=”style3″ description=”The ultimate shared solutions!” price=”R50 / month ” purchase_text=”Select Plan” purchase_link=””]

  • 20 Email Account
  • Website Builder
  • 2GB Storage
  • 2 Sub Domains


Cheaply, Quickly, Easily. Test your market. Create a quick Business website. Set up a simple e-commerce store.

[inwave_heading title=”{SIMPLE WEB BUILDER FEATURES}” sub_title=”SEE OUR” css=”.vc_custom_1505034963764{margin-top: -10px !important;padding-top: 0px !important;}”]Why spend a huge amount of money building a super fancy website just to test a concept. We believe and follow the lean business methodology, our simple web builder is made to help you. Build a quick prototype, build a simple business profile and even a simple e-commerce website. [/inwave_heading][inwave_info_item title=”PRE-BUILT TEMPLATES” icon=”fa fa-tint” icon_size=”24″ style=”style3″]Get access to over 190 pre-built templates. Templates are industry specific and will help you get going quicker.
See more[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”EASY TO USE DRAG AND DROP INTERFACE” icon=”fa fa-tint” icon_size=”24″ style=”style3″]You dont need any coding skills to get started. Just drag and drop web elements where you would like them, save and publish when you’re ready.
See more[/inwave_info_item]
[inwave_info_item title=”SEO & Analytics” icon=”fa fa-image” icon_size=”24″ style=”style3″]Start tracking traffic as soon as you launch. Connect your google web master account, google analytics code and  submit a sitemap to to search engines.
See more[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”CONNECT TO SOCIAL MEDIA” icon=”fa fa-check” icon_size=”24″ style=”style3″]Easily connect to social media with the drop in modules. Facebook. Twitter. Youtube Instagram and More.
See more[/inwave_info_item][inwave_info_item title=”TRANSACT” icon=”fa fa-tasks” icon_size=”24″ style=”style3″]Transact on your website by connecting one or more of 15 payment gateway providers.
See more[/inwave_info_item]
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