How to reduce your Mobile Data bill with Route404

We all Know mobile Data is expensive, especially if you buying airtime vouchers and converting it into data.

In fact, earlier this year it was reported that the The National Competitions Commission (NCC) had acknowledged the need for increased competition and lower prices across the entire communications spectrum. They are working with the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) to ensure that high mobile data costs in South Africa aren’t causing consumers to be ripped off.

That being said here’s one of the ways you can save data using MTN. So you have to methods of doing this.

  1. You must be an MTN contract subscriber. If you are an MTN contract subscriber the data service can be attached to your current number and you will be able to access the data through an APN provided.
  2. If you are not an MTN Contract subscriber, you can purchase a data only sim card and benefit from the bulk rate afforded as per the monthly contract.

If you are already I subscriber you can then go ahead and purchase yourself an additional Data service with Route404, All our data packages are provided VIA the MTN API.

Packages start from R72/pm for 1GB however top-up cost are the same as the standard MTN top-ups. The real value is to be had when you purchase packages greater than 2GB as the price per GB goes down the bigger the package.

So a typical scenario. Say you topping up 3GB a Month, on average you spending R97.0 x 3 =  R291 in comparison a 3GBpm package costs only R183.0/mo for 3GB. Which = R108 in saving! The math is clear. As an exercise check out how much data youre using on a month to month basis and see how much you could be saving with Route404.

See our Mobile Data Packages at the link below.

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Celebrate with Digital Lab Africa


On Thursday 8 June, at the #Tshimologong Digital Innovation Precinct in Johannesburg, Digital Lab Africa will unveil how the SA DLA 2016 winners for the #Transmedia and #VR categories are heading for international success in the final stage of their 6-month incubation programme.
Follow the event live on Twitter! #Digilabafrica

Digital Lab Africa is an initiative from the Embassy of France in South Africa
& Ifas Culture ??

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Why your website needs a SSL Certificate

Clients sometimes ask us about SSL and why they need it on their websites.  Some already know that it stands for “secure socket layer” and that it is a security protocol that keeps private data away from the prying eyes of anonymous malcontents through encryption.  Others only know that it’s important because their designated nerd told them about encryption and to be more serious about security.  Still others know that SSL is not yet a requirement and choose to avoid the expense.
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