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Dedicated to the technological and economical
growth of South Africa.

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To use technology as a tool for innovation and sustainability, this is our creed, this is what inspires and keep us doing what we do.

It became clear that connectivity and affordability of business services was a daily struggle for newly formed businesses. Average SME's have very little capital(Essentially living hand to mouth) to address connectivity issues and even less time (better spent on business growth) to battle through options inefficiently.

Route404 is an end to end Service provider for small and medium size businesses, the company specializes in the ICT space, with services ranging from basic email hosting to extensive cloud environments, connectivity solutions and application compute solutions.

Our aim is to streamline the journey to finding the right service/s for each business looking to connect using the internet.

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Set yourself up for success with south africa's
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The digitization of business in South Africa

To enable non-tech entrepreneurs and business owners, and their business by providing the right technologies for growth and communication through the process of digitization.

A solutions provider for business in South Africa.

We believe in the power of technology and as such our vision is to enable small businesses across the nation with the services the need to stay relevant, competitive and growing during the technological revolution.