When you start an online business or store you will have several decisions to make that you will have to live with for the life of the business/ store. One important decision is selecting your domain name. You might be asking what is a domain name? right.

A domain simply defined : the address your website will be found at on the internet. The structure of the address is in the form [business-name.domainext]  where business-name is the name of the business/ online property and [.domainextension] is your preferred domain extension.

Now lets get into some of the reasons why your domain name matters.

  1. Intellectual Property
    An element of your businesses intellectual property is your domain name. This is especially true if you are operating in multiple locales prior to moving your business online. Protecting your brand identity by securing your domain name in the locales you will be operating in can then be considered a good business decision. This will protect your business from potential copy cats and scammers who might be looking to intercept your customers by purchasing a similar domain as yours as your business/brand grows.
  2. Marketing to clients in different locales
    By having multiple domain extension for different locales you afford your business the opportunity of marketing different content to different audiences. How does this work? An example would be if your have .joburg and .capetown domain names for your restaurant, you can then publish content specifically for  your Joburg clients and your Cape Town clients relating to menu updates, opening and closing hours and events. By separating the two properties with a domain extension you can communicate effectively to your clients about the on goings at each location, or multiple restaurants in each city.
  3. SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
    Over the years is has become common practice to select a domain which includes in its name a product niche, product name, service sector, or service. This is done to gain a SEO advantage over businesses who do not have the product niche, product name, service sector or service in its domain name. However this does not guarantee first page results, SEO optimization for you business will still have to executed on to guarantee your first page ranking.